Jose Mourinho No Longer Being Pompous?

Jose Mourinho No Longer Being Pompous?

The Portuguese man made the world shake his head during his first press conference session as Chelsea manager in the summer of 2004. That’s where Jose Mourinho began dub himself as The Special One.

“My first contact with Chelsea is very impressive, because I find people who have the same mentality as me, they love football, they want to win.”

“Chelsea have top players, and sorry Chelsea also has a top manager (referring to himself).”

“Please do not call me arrogant, because what I say is true I am a European champion so I am not an ordinary person, I think I am a special person,” so more or less Mourinho’s statement when he was first introduced as Chelsea’s then- .
The press conference in which Mourinho calls himself the Special One.

Mou himself proved his words are not kidding. Under his care, the Blues he took the Premier League title in a row in the 2004-05 season and 2005-16 at once destroyed the dominance of Manchetser United and Arsenal at the time.

Although later fired in his fourth season with the Blues, Mourinho still shows the quality he has with Inter Milan. In the Italian club Mou coached for two seasons and managed to dedicate two Seria A titles, one Coppa Italia and of course the title of Chaampions League in 2010.

With such a feat, people seem to forgive Jose Mourinho’s pride. At that time the Portuguese coach was considered indeed worth to boast.

However, later the 54-year-old coach seems to have started thinking to spend a cocky sentence. His trophy cuts dropped dramatically, especially in the last five years where Mou only collected two League titles, two League Cups, two domestic Super Cup titles and one Europa League.

Compare with before the year 2012, Mourinho is very glamorous title both at the domestic level to Europe. In addition Mou has also been long enough not to get the world’s best coach title. The last time Mou won the award in the year 2011 ago.

In addition philosophy of Jose Mourinho is very pragmatic also considered not match with Manchester United. The Red Devils has been known as a team that always play attractive and achieve good results such as when ditukangi Sir Alex Ferguson or Sir Matt Busby.

Jose Mourinho’s philosophy can actually still be “forgiven” if it is United dominant in the title. However, the reality is just the opposite, in last season United just menagkhiri season in the sixth Premier League.

It is true if in the season Paul Pogba et al managed to achieve “treble winners” in the form of League Cup, Community Shield and Europa League. However, the trophies are usually not considered too important for a team with a long history like Manchester United.
Mourinho is almost always inferior when Gather Guardiola.

This season despite improvements compared to previous years, United’s chances to win the Premier League title is rather difficult. Currently they are far behind from Manchester City are increasingly appearing craze with Pep Guardiola, which has been a scourge for Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho’s chances for United’s achievement this season are actually very open. In addition to the Premier League, Red Devils are also still playing in three other competitions namely League Cup, FA Cup and Champions League. However, if it can only win a League Cup or FA Cup title, Mourinho’s future at Old Trafford and his curiosity are highly questionable.

World Cup Draw Results 2018

World Cup Draw Results 2018

The 2018 World Cup group draw was just held in Moscow, Russia on Friday (1/12/2017) local time As predicted earlier, the draw produced an interesting result.

Group B and G are practically a group of hell. Group B filled the 2010 World Champion, Spain and Portugal. This will make Cristiano Ronaldo compete with his colleagues at Real Madrid who pretty much circulated in La Furia Roja squad in the summer. The group is also filled with two underdogs from the Arabian peninsula of Iran and Morocco which will make the competition in this group even more interesting.

Meanwhile in Group G there are Belgium and England. Belgium itself is on the rise since last few years. Meanwhile England we know is a team with full of history and expectations.

Host of the tournament, Russia itself is in group A. The Red Bear joined Uruguay, and two countries from the Middle East, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. If you see the draw, it is not easy for Russia. However, as a host they should be able to take advantage of this draw.

For the 2014 world champion last edition, Germany is in the group that is not less weight. Thomas Muller and his friends have to compete with three underdogs who are ready to surprise such as Mexico, Sweden and Asian champions South Korea. (Source: Copa 90)

Complete World Cup 2018 Draw Results

Hasil Undian Piala Dunia 2018

Romero Relaxed with Status on the MU Skuat

Romero Relaxed with Status on the MU Skuat

Manchester United goalkeeper, Sergio Romero, said he did not matter just a coating from David De Gea until now.

Actually it has been pronounced before, but still remains the issue of mentioning the main goalkeeper Argentina began to feel annoyed with his current condition.

“I’ve even said before, I do not mind if I just sit on the bench, I do not feel disappointed or objected at all,” Romero said.

“I will play every Jose Mourinho asking me, and I also understand I have to play as much as possible when he commissioned me,”

Danilo: I miss Real Madrid

Danilo: I miss Real Madrid

Danilo revealed that he missed playing in Spain after moving to Manchester City in the summer but insisted he had opened a new page.

Pep Guardiola brought the full-back from Real Madrid for 26.5 million pounds with a five-year deal despite being rivaled by Chelsea.

Meanwhile, Danilo failed to be the top choice at the right-back post so far with City and he was even less competitive than Fabian Delph who fills the injured Benjamin Mendy’s position.

The 26-year-old enjoyed his time with Real Madrid and revealed his feelings to the media, “The fact is I miss Real Madrid.”

“I spent two wonderful years there, won a lot of important trophies and people treated me well. But I’ve opened a new page. “

Raiola: Ibrahimovic Can not Be a Coach

Raiola: Ibrahimovic Can not Be a Coach

Agent from Zlatan Ibrahimovic Mino Raiola believes that the player will not be a good coach figure

Both of these figures have been friendly for a long time, and Raiola believes, when Ibrahimovic retires later, he will definitely remain in close relationship with the player.

“Whether as a footballer, carpenter, investment banker, director, or coach, he will surely remain in my life,” the agent told reporters.

“But shit, anyone who dares to appoint him as a coach, will definitely need God’s help.”

“I want to see a player who told Zlatan, if he does not know what he is saying.

“If there is a meeting where Zlatan meets someone, who thinks himself better than him, then I want to put a hidden camera!”

Wright: Liverpool Lucky to Win Great

Wright: Liverpool Lucky to Win Great

Arsenal football legend Ian Wright described Liverpool’s 7-0 victory over Maribor in the Champions League continued on Wednesday early morning just a fortune.

The reason, the Slovenian club is a very weak team. Evident in the previous game made by Darko Milanic team was also experiencing the same thing that must surrender 3-0 against Sevilla. While the Spartak Moscow meeting is only able to play a draw.

With that note Wright believes Jordan Henderson Cs just take advantage of the conditions of the home team in the third game of prestigious competition blue continent.

“They did it right tonight,” Ian Wright told the media.

“But they only use teams that they realize are weak and poor goals.

“And they can handle it.”

After playing in the Champions League this weekend Reds will meet Totteham Hotspur in the Premier League continued.

Eight Opponents Manchester United, Opportunity Liverpool Thin

Eight Opponents Manchester United, Opportunity Liverpool Thin

Liverpool’s championship chance to win the Premier League – the English Premier League’s top caste – is very slim. That’s if the view position and Raihan points Liverpool until the 8th week.

The team nicknamed the Reds was just a goalless draw at home to Manchester United in the 8th weekend Premier League match at Anfield Stadium on Saturday (14/10/2017).

In fact, the Reds appear dominant by having 62 percent mastery of the ball and 18 chances, compared to six belonging to the visitors. However, no goals are created and Liverpool must be satisfied with one additional point.

“In my eyes, at this moment, a team that will be the champion this year is in this stadium,” said Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp responding to Manchester United’s defensive style, as reported by the BBC.

An additional one point did not make Liverpool penetrate the top five positions. They are stuck in eighth position – while still able to overtake Newcastle United – with a collection of 13 points.

Eighth place and a collection of just 13 points from eight matches are a bad signal for Liverpool in the hunt for the title.

Throughout the history of the Premier League or since 1992-1993, the value of terminim earned winning the title in the relevant season occurred in 2010-2011.

At that time, Manchester United won at the end of the season even though only collecting 14 points to the 8th week of Premier League 2010-2011.

The sixth rank is also a bad sign for Juergen Klopp’s squad. The worst position of the title winner in the 8th week of the season is ranked fifth.

It was experienced by Leicester City and Chelsea in the 2015-2016 season and last season.

Will the call of “next year will be our year” resonate again this season?

Comparison of Premier League champions with position and achievement points at week 8:

1992-1993 Manchester United (ranked 4th, 16 points)
1993-1994 Manchester United (1, 19 points)
1994-1995 Blackburn Rovers (3, 17 points)
1995-1996 Manchester United (3, 17 points)
1996-1997 Manchester United (4, 16 points)
1997-1998 Arsenal (1, 18 points)
1998-1999 Manchester United (2, 15 points)
1999-2000 Manchester United (1, 20 points)
2000-2001 Manchester United (2, 15 points)
2001-2002 Arsenal (4, 14 points)
2002-2003 Manchester United (4, 14 points)
2003-2004 Arsenal (2, 20 points)
2004-2005 Chelsea (2, 20 points)
2005-2006 Chelsea (1, 24 points)
2006-2007 Manchester United (1, 19 points)
2007-2008 Manchester United (3, 17 points)
2008-2009 Manchester United (3, 17 points)
2009-2010 Chelsea (1, 21 points)
2010-2011 Manchester United (4, 14 points)
2011-2012 Manchester City (1, 22 points)
2012-2013 Manchester United (2, 18 points)
2013-2014 Manchester City (4, 16 points)
2014-2015 Chelsea (1, 22 points)
2015-2016 Leicester City (5, 15 points)
2016-2017 Chelsea (5, 16 points)

AFC License Course Completed, Jose Can Accompany Persib in Makassar

AFC License Course Completed, Jose Can Accompany Persib in Makassar

Coach caretaker (temporary) Persib Bandung Herrie Setyawan ensure himself will be present accompanying the team in the game against PSM Makassar, Sunday (15/10/2017) Herrie said his coaching course was completed before the away party was held.

The man who is familiarly called “Jose” is continuing the second level AFC A level training course held by PSSI until October 13, 2017 at Nirwana Sawangan Park, Depok. He joined together 22 coaches, including active players like Borneo FC midfielder Ponaryo Astaman.

Actually Maung Bandung not only lost Herrie Setyawan because head coach Emral Abus also continued the B AFC level coaching course. So for the last week, skuat Persib accompanied by physical trainer Yaya Sunarya accompanied by Anwar Sanusi.

“The plan, I go directly to Makassar from here (Sawangan, Depok) Yesterday we have additional material for the A AFC license participants,” Herrie said as quoted from the official website Persib, on Thursday (12/10).

While in Sawangan, Herrie is equipped with materials ranging from the theory in the classroom and direct practice in the field. On Wednesday (11/10), all the guests coming from guest instructors are two assistants of Indonesian national team coach U-22, Miguel Gandia (physical trainer) and Eduardo Perez (goalkeeping coach).

“Later, in wave two we will be returning the course for two weeks in mid-November,” Herrie said.

England’s National Team Deserves to Thank Pochettino, Why?

England’s National Team Deserves to Thank Pochettino, Why?

It is fitting that the English Football Federation (FA) is grateful to Mauricio Pochettino who is an Argentine.

Thanks to Pochettino, the England team gets a lot of talented players stock.

In total, 11 players who were raised by Pochettino, both at Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur, have debuted in England.

Last is Harry Winks.

The 21-year-old midfielder has just undergone four matches as a starter alongside Tottenham on the English Premier League stage.

However, England coach Gareth Southgate is aware of Winks’ great talent.

Inevitably, the players get a chance to appear for the first time when England won 1-0 over Lithuania in the 2018 World Cup 2018 European Zone on Sunday (08/10/2017).

The result did not disappoint.

Winks was able to control the midfield without looking nervous, despite failing to score a goal or assist.

Cascarino Suggest Klopp Should Be Top Striker Boy

Cascarino Suggest Klopp Should Be Top Striker Boy

Former Aston Villa and Chelsea player, Tony Cascarino said Jurgen Klopp must bring a classy goal machine in the January transfer window.

The reason, 55-year-old man is judging from the new recruits are carried off like Mohamed Salah, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain and Dominic Solanke has not seen appear satisfactory.

Evidently, against Newcastle United when down they failed to take advantage of good opportunities mature which makes them only able to draw 1-1 at St James Park and Cascarino also deplore Daniel Sturridge who was given the opportunity to appear not to contribute.

“Liverpool must have a man capable of perfecting the chances perfectly,” Tony Cacasrino told the media.

“They often make chances but often play a draw. Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane are excellent players but they are not pure financers and Daniel Sturridge is now not the same as under Brendan Rodgers.

“Against Sevilla, Burnley, Spartak Moscow and Newcastle United they dominated the game but they can still earn points.

“If totaled against these teams, they have 92 shots towards the goal but can only print five goals.

“So that’s not good enough. They are rising under Jurgen Klopp but they have to struggle to win the title. “