Ancelotti: Neuer Like A Computer

Ancelotti: Neuer Like A Computer

Bayern Munich coach Carlo Ancelotti gave praise to Manuel Neuer, and likened the goalkeeper to a sophisticated computer.

The German national goalkeeper has just completed the rehabilitation process from the foot surgery he runs, and he is eyeing the Bundesliga opener against Bayer Leverkusen, as his comeback comeback.

Ancelotti himself admitted surprised by the injury suffered by Neuer, and had considered the goalkeeper as a player who can not get injured.

“We have a computer under the crossbar, and it is a differentiator for our team,” the Italian told reporters.

“I always tell her that if she reverses the costumes she’s wearing, she certainly has no hands, chest, and pelvis. All of that is replaced by a keyboard, where she puts the situation in the game.”

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