Barito Putera Learn Weather in Bali from National Team Information

Barito Putera Learn Weather in Bali from National Team Information

Barito Putera will undergo an away match against Bali United at the Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar, on Friday (13/07/2017) Bandar Judi Terpercaya.

Barito Putera came with 20 players. Coach Barito Putera, Jacksen F Tiago, said, one of his team learned is the weather conditions on the island of Bali some time ago.

Related to this, Jacksen claimed to have got a lot of information from foster children who competed in the national team.

Previously, the national team squad had undergone training camp in Bali some time ago. A number of Barito Putera players joined in it.

“Anticipation of the weather, happened to have two members participate TC U-22 national team in Bali, one of them Hansamu Yama, many can input from them,” said Jacksen during a press conference before the match in Kuta on Thursday (13/07/2017).

Armed with these inputs, Jacksen prepares foster children. This also makes him decide to hold an exercise in Samudra Field, Kuta, not at I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar.

“The exercise in the Samudra Field, not in I Wayan Dipta, to keep the conditions tomorrow,” he said.

In addition to the weather, Jacksen and the team held a special meeting to read the strength of Bali United, ranging from defense, midfielder, until the attacker.

Jacksen admitted, the game Bali United experienced rapid development during the handled coach Widodo C Putro.

“This night will be an analysis meeting of all aspects, involving Bali United, from defense to assault, continuing to formulate the final step before playing so that players understand,” said Jacksen.

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