Real Madrid Do not Want to Sell Morata with Cheap Price

Real Madrid Do not Want to Sell Morata with Cheap Price
Real Madrid are determined not to sell Alvaro Morata at a low price. The Spanish giants held off all Morata-related negotiations for one simple reason: they did not need to sell Casino Online Terpercaya.

Real Madrid are satisfied with Morata’s appearance in the 2016-17 season. He scored every 93 minutes during last season. They will not sell the Spanish national team striker for less than 90 million euros (including extra).

Originally, Los Blancos fix the price of Morata of 100 million euros. However, Manchester United (MU) who wants Morata, objected to the price. Champions League champions in two consecutive seasons were then willing to accept the price of 80 million euros, plus 10 million euros in the form of bonuses.

Meanwhile, MU has raised the bid amount to 75 million euros, which could rise to 80 million euros in addition. Estimated, both clubs will kick at a price of about 85 million euros.

However, Real Madrid do not want to rush to sell Morata. Moreover, they will face Manchester United in the European Super Cup on 8 August.

Morata himself hopes the deal will soon be reached. The best opportunity is to encourage Manchester United to increase bids. There is a possibility of MU’s interest to Romelu Lukaku as a tactic to force Madrid to lower the price of Morata’s demand.

Currently, Real Madrid are in an ideal position because Morata is being contested Chelsea and Manchester United. The competition will increase the price of the 24-year-old striker. However, if MU turns to another player, Chelsea will be the only interested party. Thus, the value of Morata could fall below 75 million euros.

Josep Maria Bartomeu Pupus Expectations All Messi Messages

Josep Maria Bartomeu Pupus Expectations All Messi Messages
Josep Maria Bartomeu has dashed hopes of all the world’s big club enthusiasts Lionel Messi. Good news for Barcelona fans.

Josep Maria Bartomeu has interrupted the beautiful hopes of all clubs of interest Lionel Messi (30 years). He proudly reveals that La Pulga is only willing to spend the rest of his career with Barcelona. Messi’s four-year contract has just been the strongest evidence.

Barca has said that Messi has agreed a contract until 2021 on Wednesday. The end of Lionel Messi’s contract duration this time is approaching retirement for a professional football player even though many also managed to get through it.

Bartomeu hastily convey his happy feeling after Messi make sure his heart is only for Barca. He admitted it is not easy to convince players like Messi to stay at Camp Nou. He is also grateful for being able to extend the contract of La Pulga and other players such as Neymar and Luis Suarez.

Messi himself had been joining Barca since the age of 13 years. He has been crowned five times as a Ballon d’Or winner and has been the all time top scorer for the Spanish giants. Naturally, Bartomeu was happy.

“We have renewed the contracts of Neymar and Suarez as well and it is certainly not easy to convince qualified players like them (also Lionel Messi) in a very competitive world like in football,” Bartomeu said proudly.

“There are still a lot of big clubs targeting our star players, but they just want to survive and enjoy the era of success here.”

“Leo (Lionel Messi) is always saying that he really wants to spend his professional career here in Barca. His contract confirmed his attitude. All that gives a message of unity between Messi and us, “he concluded.

Standings League 1: Opportunities Madura United and Bhayangkara to Puncak

Standings League 1: Opportunities Madura United and Bhayangkara to Puncak
League 1 2017 has entered the 12th week. Today, Tuesday, July 4, 2017, there are three matches that will be held Agen Judi Online. Madura United and Bhayangkara FC chance to displace PSM Makassar at the top of the league 1.

Madura United will face Borneo FC at Segiri Stadium, Tuesday afternoon local time. Come to the opponent’s headquarters, Madura United have a capital of three consecutive wins.

While Borneo FC swallow 0-1 defeat in his last fight against PSM. Victory can make Madura United topped the league standings with 25 points.

Meanwhile, Bhayangkara FC will host Barito Putera at Patriot Stadium, Bekasi. Bhayangkara FC can top the standings when Madura United fell at the Stadium Segiri.

Action no less exciting will take place at the Tridarma Stadium. Bottom team in the standings of League 1, Gresik United will face Persija Jakarta.