Coach PSIM Had Worried After Shown with 10 Players

Coach PSIM Had Worried After Shown with 10 Players

PSIM Yogyakarta conquered Madiun Putra in advanced League 2 at Sultan Agung Stadium, Wednesday (9/8/2017). The team nicknamed Laskar Mataram won the 11th week of Group 5 with a score of 2-1 Situs Poker.

PSIM coach, Erwan Hendarwanto, admitted had anxiety to face the game. His side had to play with 10 men in the last 20 minutes after Raymond Ivantonius Tauntu was rewarded for a 69th minute incident.

“I was worried,” Erwan told reporters after the match.

Erwan’s concern came true after Madiun Putra substitute Fikri Imawan managed to reduce the score to 2-1 in the 72nd minute. According to him, Madiun Putra goal created by the loss of PSIM players after the incident involved.

“Our players are emotional, which should not be necessary because it is superior and master the game,” said Erwan.

Erwan also mentioned, the last 20 minutes are very draining energy and mind. His team must win the game to keep a chance to advance to the next round considering PSIM leaving only three games in the group stage.

“The incident shows our players are still unstable and that is also a factor in the defeat in Tuban yesterday, which we have to fix again in the rest of the game,” Erwan said.

Related opportunities to qualify for the next round, Erwan remains optimistic. According to him, everything can happen in the world of football.

“What is certain is that every game should look as good as possible, no matter how small the chances we will struggle, the result is like what is important we keep fighting,” he added.

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