Official Chelsea Boyong Morata

Official Chelsea Boyong Morata

Chelsea finally get a new attacker. On Friday (7/21/2017) local time, the Blues announced it has officially brought Alvaro Morata from Real Madrid Agen Sbobet Casino.

Morata signed a five-year contract with Chelsea after passing a medical test. The Spanish youth was brought in with a transfer fee that reportedly reached 70 million pounds.

“I am very happy to be here, I can not wait to work hard, scoring as many goals as I can to win as many trophies as possible,” Morata told Chelsea’s official website.

Morata bought Chelsea because manager Antonio Conte is not wanting a brave striker Diego Costa. Initially Chelsea wanted Romelu Lukakud ari Everton, but overtaken by Manchester United.

The 24-year-old became Chelsea’s fourth in the transfer market this summer. Previously the Blues have brought in goalkeeper Willy Cabalero, midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko and defender Antonio Rudiger.

Morata will fly directly to China to meet his new colleagues at Chelsea. Roman Abramovich’s club is in China to perform at the pre-season tournament, International Champions Cup 2017. After from China, Chelsea will play in Singapore.

Luis Milla Make Sure Evan Dimas and Hansamu Appear Against Mongolia

Luis Milla Make Sure Evan Dimas and Hansamu Appear Against Mongolia

U-22 national team coach Luis Milla ensured he will play Evan Dimas and Hansamu Yama in the second qualifying match of Group H of the 2018 U-23 Asia Cup against Mongolia at the National Stadium in Bangkok. Friday (7/21/2017).

“Hansamu and Evan I can be sure will play in the next game,” Milla said in a PSSI release to the media on Wednesday (7/19/2017).

Both players did not appear as a starter when defeated Malaysia with a score of 0-3 on Wednesday afternoon.

While Evan appeared only in the second half, Hansamu was not played at all.

Without Evan Dimas and Hansamu Yama, the national team does not have the attack creators and the Indonesian defense is quite weak. As a result, Garuda Young squad conceded three goals within 30 minutes.

Milla has explained that Evan and Hansamu are not played because part of the strategy.

“Related Evan Dimas and Hansamu Yama are not played from the first minute as part of the strategy,” Milla said.

“They are important players, I put Evan in the second half and the game is improving, but the conditions have been difficult because they missed three goals,” said the Spanish coach added.

Lukaku Ready to be the Edge of Spear MU

Lukaku Ready to be the Edge of Spear MU

After scoring a goal to Real Salt Lake goal, Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku ambitious to be the spearhead of the team Taruhan Bola Online.

The Belgian striker was brought in with a transfer fee of 75 million pounds, and he hopes the first goal he created could be a good start for his career at Old Trafford.

“Of course, I’m here to score, and be the focal point of the team,” the 24-year-old told reporters.

“At Manchester United we play to win. When I entered the field, it was my first mentality. After that, then the other things follow. “

Lucas Biglia Become the 10th New Player of AC Milan

Lucas Biglia Become the 10th New Player of AC Milan

AC Milan have not stopped in recruiting new players this summer transfer market. Latest, Milan managed to get the signature of Lucas Biglia from Lazio on Sunday (16/7/2017).

“AC Milan is proud to announce the recruitment of Lucas Biglia of the SS Lazio, signing a three-year contract until June 30, 2020,” AC Milan’s official statement said.

Biglia became the 10th new player of Milan ahead of the 2017-2018 season, after Leonardo Bonucci, Andre Silva, Andrea Conti, Hakan Calhanoglu, Mateo Musacchio, Ricardo Rodriguez, Franck Kessie, Antonio Donnarumma and Fabio Borini.

The surviving midfielder of Mercedes, Argentina, was purchased by Milan with a tag of 17 million euros (about Rp 259.96 billion).

“Biglia is an important player with or without the ball, he will start a team attack with a great game vision and have the talent to execute the dead ball,” continued the Milan statement.

Biglia has proven his capacity with Lazio. As he plays, Lazio won 58.6 percent of Serie A matches – the Italian league’s top caste – last season. As for when the captain was absent, the percentage of victory slipped to 44.4 percent.

In addition, Biglia was able to do 66 successful tackles, 58 intercepts, created 54 chances, scored four goals, and carved out three assists!

The statistics enhanced Biglia with the success of sending 87 percent of the operands accurately.

Barito Putera Learn Weather in Bali from National Team Information

Barito Putera Learn Weather in Bali from National Team Information

Barito Putera will undergo an away match against Bali United at the Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar, on Friday (13/07/2017) Bandar Judi Terpercaya.

Barito Putera came with 20 players. Coach Barito Putera, Jacksen F Tiago, said, one of his team learned is the weather conditions on the island of Bali some time ago.

Related to this, Jacksen claimed to have got a lot of information from foster children who competed in the national team.

Previously, the national team squad had undergone training camp in Bali some time ago. A number of Barito Putera players joined in it.

“Anticipation of the weather, happened to have two members participate TC U-22 national team in Bali, one of them Hansamu Yama, many can input from them,” said Jacksen during a press conference before the match in Kuta on Thursday (13/07/2017).

Armed with these inputs, Jacksen prepares foster children. This also makes him decide to hold an exercise in Samudra Field, Kuta, not at I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar.

“The exercise in the Samudra Field, not in I Wayan Dipta, to keep the conditions tomorrow,” he said.

In addition to the weather, Jacksen and the team held a special meeting to read the strength of Bali United, ranging from defense, midfielder, until the attacker.

Jacksen admitted, the game Bali United experienced rapid development during the handled coach Widodo C Putro.

“This night will be an analysis meeting of all aspects, involving Bali United, from defense to assault, continuing to formulate the final step before playing so that players understand,” said Jacksen.

Ancelotti: Neuer Like A Computer

Ancelotti: Neuer Like A Computer

Bayern Munich coach Carlo Ancelotti gave praise to Manuel Neuer, and likened the goalkeeper to a sophisticated computer.

The German national goalkeeper has just completed the rehabilitation process from the foot surgery he runs, and he is eyeing the Bundesliga opener against Bayer Leverkusen, as his comeback comeback.

Ancelotti himself admitted surprised by the injury suffered by Neuer, and had considered the goalkeeper as a player who can not get injured.

“We have a computer under the crossbar, and it is a differentiator for our team,” the Italian told reporters.

“I always tell her that if she reverses the costumes she’s wearing, she certainly has no hands, chest, and pelvis. All of that is replaced by a keyboard, where she puts the situation in the game.”

Real Madrid Do not Want to Sell Morata with Cheap Price

Real Madrid Do not Want to Sell Morata with Cheap Price
Real Madrid are determined not to sell Alvaro Morata at a low price. The Spanish giants held off all Morata-related negotiations for one simple reason: they did not need to sell Casino Online Terpercaya.

Real Madrid are satisfied with Morata’s appearance in the 2016-17 season. He scored every 93 minutes during last season. They will not sell the Spanish national team striker for less than 90 million euros (including extra).

Originally, Los Blancos fix the price of Morata of 100 million euros. However, Manchester United (MU) who wants Morata, objected to the price. Champions League champions in two consecutive seasons were then willing to accept the price of 80 million euros, plus 10 million euros in the form of bonuses.

Meanwhile, MU has raised the bid amount to 75 million euros, which could rise to 80 million euros in addition. Estimated, both clubs will kick at a price of about 85 million euros.

However, Real Madrid do not want to rush to sell Morata. Moreover, they will face Manchester United in the European Super Cup on 8 August.

Morata himself hopes the deal will soon be reached. The best opportunity is to encourage Manchester United to increase bids. There is a possibility of MU’s interest to Romelu Lukaku as a tactic to force Madrid to lower the price of Morata’s demand.

Currently, Real Madrid are in an ideal position because Morata is being contested Chelsea and Manchester United. The competition will increase the price of the 24-year-old striker. However, if MU turns to another player, Chelsea will be the only interested party. Thus, the value of Morata could fall below 75 million euros.

Josep Maria Bartomeu Pupus Expectations All Messi Messages

Josep Maria Bartomeu Pupus Expectations All Messi Messages
Josep Maria Bartomeu has dashed hopes of all the world’s big club enthusiasts Lionel Messi. Good news for Barcelona fans.

Josep Maria Bartomeu has interrupted the beautiful hopes of all clubs of interest Lionel Messi (30 years). He proudly reveals that La Pulga is only willing to spend the rest of his career with Barcelona. Messi’s four-year contract has just been the strongest evidence.

Barca has said that Messi has agreed a contract until 2021 on Wednesday. The end of Lionel Messi’s contract duration this time is approaching retirement for a professional football player even though many also managed to get through it.

Bartomeu hastily convey his happy feeling after Messi make sure his heart is only for Barca. He admitted it is not easy to convince players like Messi to stay at Camp Nou. He is also grateful for being able to extend the contract of La Pulga and other players such as Neymar and Luis Suarez.

Messi himself had been joining Barca since the age of 13 years. He has been crowned five times as a Ballon d’Or winner and has been the all time top scorer for the Spanish giants. Naturally, Bartomeu was happy.

“We have renewed the contracts of Neymar and Suarez as well and it is certainly not easy to convince qualified players like them (also Lionel Messi) in a very competitive world like in football,” Bartomeu said proudly.

“There are still a lot of big clubs targeting our star players, but they just want to survive and enjoy the era of success here.”

“Leo (Lionel Messi) is always saying that he really wants to spend his professional career here in Barca. His contract confirmed his attitude. All that gives a message of unity between Messi and us, “he concluded.

Standings League 1: Opportunities Madura United and Bhayangkara to Puncak

Standings League 1: Opportunities Madura United and Bhayangkara to Puncak
League 1 2017 has entered the 12th week. Today, Tuesday, July 4, 2017, there are three matches that will be held Agen Judi Online. Madura United and Bhayangkara FC chance to displace PSM Makassar at the top of the league 1.

Madura United will face Borneo FC at Segiri Stadium, Tuesday afternoon local time. Come to the opponent’s headquarters, Madura United have a capital of three consecutive wins.

While Borneo FC swallow 0-1 defeat in his last fight against PSM. Victory can make Madura United topped the league standings with 25 points.

Meanwhile, Bhayangkara FC will host Barito Putera at Patriot Stadium, Bekasi. Bhayangkara FC can top the standings when Madura United fell at the Stadium Segiri.

Action no less exciting will take place at the Tridarma Stadium. Bottom team in the standings of League 1, Gresik United will face Persija Jakarta.

Kiat Kuda Balap Handicappimg

Kiat Kuda Balap Handicappimg

Cacat balap kuda harus mencakup analisis elemen manusia, terutama dalam mengklaim balapan saat seekor kuda memulai start pertamanya untuk pelatih baru. Ini sangat umum di kalangan para pemula hanya melirik indeks kecepatan kuda dan saat-saat terakhir ketika membuat pilihan mereka, namun para pencandu agen judi pengetahuan yang bijak membandingkan catatan pelatih saat ini dan sebelumnya. Beberapa pertanyaan mungkin timbul: kapan waktu yang tepat untuk bertaruh pada seekor kuda di lumbung baru, mengapa seekor kuda tiba-tiba memperbaiki atau mundur untuk pelatih baru, peraturan apa yang harus kita pahami tentang kuda yang baru diklaim?

Pertama-tama kita harus menganalisis catatan conditioner sebelumnya sebelum kita menilai apakah seorang pelatih dapat memperbaiki kuda yang baru diklaimnya, misalnya, jika pelatih dengan persentase tinggi mengklaim seekor kuda dari seorang pelatih dengan persentase kemenangan yang buruk, kita dapat mengasumsikan bahwa kuda tersebut akan membaik. Di lingkungan barunya, dan jika pelatih dengan persentase rendah mengklaim seekor kuda dari pelatih terdepan, kami dapat menyimpulkan bahwa hewan tersebut tidak akan membaik – lebih dari mungkin, dia akan mengalami kemunduran.

Seringkali, kita bisa menghilangkan dari pertimbangan tatapan taruhan saat kuda melaju dari gudang dengan persentase rendah sampai rendah. Indeks kecepatan kuda tinggi baru-baru ini untuk pelatih terkemuka seringkali memiliki angka penurunan untuk pakaian baru. Hal ini dapat menyebabkan overlay taruhan saat kuda dengan bentuk baru yang suram untuk pelatih dengan persentase rendah yang terhubung dengan pelatih terdepan saat menang.

Di satu sisi, kuda yang diklaim kembali pada atau di bawah harga yang diklaim terakhirnya dianggap negatif tapi dengan dompet yang lebih tinggi secara nasional, kuda yang diklaim bisa mendapatkan pot yang cukup besar meskipun ia dikembalikan pada tingkat yang dia beli. Lebih banyak pelatih yang bersedia mengambil risiko untuk kehilangan kuda yang baru mereka klaim dengan harga yang sama atau bahkan sedikit lebih rendah karena mereka masih memperoleh keuntungan dari kemenangan dompet.

Mudah dimengerti mengapa beberapa pelatih bersedia menjalankan kuda yang baru mereka klaim pada atau di bawah harga yang mereka klaim – mereka menempatkan kuda mereka di tempat yang paling mungkin mereka dapatkan, dan bahkan jika pelatih lain mengklaim salah satu kuda mereka, mereka akan menunjukkan kembalinya Pada investasi mereka jika kuda menang atau hits papan.

Selalu mempertimbangkan perubahan joki dan peralatan – kuda yang diklaim dari persentase rendah stabil kemungkinan akan memiliki pengendara atas untuk gudang barunya, dan joki terkemuka pada kuda yang baru diklaim akan menjadi perbaikan besar dari pembalap sebelumnya yang mungkin memiliki harga rendah. Persentase menang

Untuk analisis sukses dari kuda yang baru diklaim, kita harus tahu banyak tentang pelatih baru seperti yang kita lakukan pada kuda itu. Ingat, handicapping kuda dan pelatih memisahkan pemula dari veteran.